RSVP Station Partners



Why Utilize RSVP?

As a non-profit agency, you may be wondering why you should utilize RSVP’s services to help your agency recruit and retain volunteers especially if you have a volunteer coordinator on your staff.  What are the benefits of entering into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with RSVP of Muskegon County or Oceana County, and becoming a partner agency with us?

Here is what we will do for you:


  • Offer your agency significant cost savings through the recruitment and retention of RSVP volunteers.

  • Identify specific RSVP volunteers that would be a good match for your agency’s needs.

  • Provide an initial volunteer orientation to new volunteers recruited for your agency which includes an RSVP handbook that has important information about reporting hours and program procedures.

  • Furnish FREE supplemental (secondary) accident, personal liability, and excess automobile liability insurance coverage to all RSVP volunteers.

  • Assist your agency in addressing and resolving problems arising between the volunteer, the partner agency, and/or RSVP.

  • Provide your agency with FREE bulk mail service and/or special projects assembly on-site at your location or at the RSVP office.

Become a Station Partner: 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

The Retired and Senior and Volunteer Program is a source for connecting to volunteers in the community who are looking to share a lifetime of experience and a dedication to helping others. They can help your agency with its direct service, clerical, and capacity-building needs. Our program will advertise information about the positions available and will also offer expert technical assistance in the many facets of volunteer management through a variety of learning opportunities (i.e.: training, presentations, roundtable discussions, etc.)

Does it cost anything to become registered as an RSVP site?

No. This service is completely free of charge. Your organization is entering into a collaborative partnership with a Community-based service program through the Corporation for National and Community-Service (CNCS)

How can my agency become an RSVP site and what are the requirements?

Does your Agency:

1) Have proof of your status as a nonprofit or as a licensed health care facility?

2) Have volunteer opportunities in our RSVP focus areas work plans?

3) Want to collaborate with a National Service Program?

IF YES! Station Partner Membership Requirments -

  • A Signed Memorandum of Understanding/Partnership Agreement.
  • Development of RSVP Job Description to match the focus area work plans.
  • Development of a plan for tracking/submitting RSVP Member Service Hours.
  • Attend Station Partner meetings (Notification will be presented).
  • Participate in Volunteer Management learning opportunities.

How long does it take to receive a volunteer from RSVP?

Many times RSVP is able to rill a request within two months or sooner. Depending on the interests of prospective volunteers, it could take longer. RSVP makes every effort to ensure our matches are mutually beneficial to the volunteer and agency. RSVP takes pride in the detailed interview process and knowing what someone is looking for before referring them toan organization. the more detailed your job description, the easier it is to fill your position. If you have not received a referral from RSVP in six months, you can contact an RSVP representative and we can revisit your volunteer need(s). 

Can our organization request volunteers for more than one position?

Yes. But all job tasks must be aligned to the RSVP focus and work plans. If you have many needs, you can begin with your highest priority and then submit additional assignments at a later date.

Can our organization's existing volunteers who are 55 and over become RSVP members to reap the benefits of the National Service membership, recognition events, and accident insurance?

Yes. In the spirit of collaboration, we invite you to invite your current eligible volunteers to engage with our program. Each volunteer will receive all of the benefits of a traditional member of RSVP. Each individual will need to schedule an enrollment appointment. The purpose is to ensure the individual meets the criteria of RSVP membership, completes the member application, and receives a program orientation prior to starting as an official member. 

Forms You Need To Get Started Or To Keep Handy: 

Station Partner Metric Frequency Google Sheet

Click Here To Download The Entire Station Partner Packet and Forms Needed!

The above PDF download is editable so you can type in the document, save it and send it to us via email! This makes filling out our forms a breeze!


Individual Forms Download - PDF: 

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