Day of Caring

Day of Caring Dates:

  • Muskegon County - September 8

  • DATE CHANGE: Newaygo County - September 22

  • Oceana County - September 9

What is Day of Caring? 

Traditionally, Day of Caring has brought hundreds of volunteers together to complete a day of service for our community. In the past volunteers come together for a morning rally and then disbursed to their projects. Projects have been made up of large teams, to work on a wide variety of things including parks, renovating organizations, and fixing individuals' homes. After volunteering, everyone would congregate again for a celebration lunch. 
Team Picture with Live United Shirts On


Join hundreds of volunteers during the Days of Caring in Muskegon, Newaygo, and Oceana County. Registration options are available for individuals, teams, and corporate teams. Volunteering creates a sense of togetherness and builds a sense of cohesiveness to your team. Registration includes food and water for your teams! We coordinate the projects and the materials. Your job is to show up, have fun, and be ready to make an impact! 

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Join Us Friday, September 8th!

Kickoff Location: United Way of the Lakeshore Headquarters, 31 East Clay Avenue, Muskegon MI, 49442

Schedule for the Day: 

8:00 AM - Registration Check-In & Breakfast Begins - Thank you to the Muskegon Lions Club for serving us a wonderful pancake breakfast! 

8:30 AM - Celebration Kickoff - Community stretch, a word from our sponsors, and music. 

9:00 AM - Depart for team sites.

Between 12:00 & 1:00 PM - Lunches delivered on-site to your volunteer locations. 

3:30 PM or 5:00 PM: A majority of the projects will close at 3:30 PM. Some teams are required to volunteer due to employer policies. If your team needs an end of day project, please contact our office at (231) 332-4006. 

Projects: (Click "+" to expand the section.)

Help us serve those who served our country! 

This will be the 6th Day of Caring where teams have to opportunity to serve our greatest heroes, our local veterans. Through our community and agencies like the Disability Network of West Michigan and the Muskegon County Veteran's Affairs, multiple veterans or veteran widows have been identified that need exterior home repairs and landscaping. Teams help with the following: 

  • Landscaping & yard work
  • MINOR Outdoor Home Repairs such as painting, stairs, minor windows/door repairs, fixing broken parts on sheds, etc. 
  • Removal of yard waste/rubbish such as debris from a storm, old playground equipment, trash, fallen branches, etc. 

A home is a place where a family can feel safe and comfortable. By volunteering, you will be helping veterans/veteran families, achieve a sense of security and pride for their home. 


Skip video to 2:20 seconds to see a veteran story! 

Help Us Prepare The Midwest's First Microforest in the Marquette Neighborhood! 

What is a "microforrest"?

Microforests are just like regular forests but grow much more rapidly and occupy much smaller areas of land. It is a dense, tiny forest with high biodiversity. The technique is a form of afforestation or the act of planting a forest where there isn't one before. This is different than reforestation, which restores an existing forest. 

What is happening: 

The City of Muskegon wishes to donate a property for a microforest on the south-side of Marquette Avenue at Access Highway next to US 131 (about 1/3 acre). The Muskegon Rotary Club has 500 potted and appropriate trees and shrubs ready to be planted in this area. On Day of Caring, United Way teams will help prepare the ground for the planting of the Marquette Microforest for next Earth Day. About 2,000 trees, shrubs, and other plants will be planted in this area. 


Proposed Micro Forest Map

Special thanks to partners: City of Muskegon, Muskegon Rotary Club, United Way of the Lakeshore, and WMRSDC! 

We are working on a Veterans History Project with the Library of Congress that is getting regional attention! The Veterans History Project of the Library of Congress collects, preserves, and makes accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war.

These personal accounts are recorded via tablets, laptops, or smartphones. Volunteers help veterans fill out the proper paperwork and then help with the first-hand interview by asking questions and talking to the veteran throughout the process.

This project also allows oral histories to be shared of “Gold Star Family members” including parents, spouse, sibling or child of members of the Armed Forces who died as a result of their service during the period of the war.

How is United Way involved? 

We have been recording our local veterans and submitting them to the Library of Congress so that the local stories of our veterans around the lakeshore are preserved for decades to come. The Veterans History Project only accepts videos of veterans during active war times. That leaves a huge gap in our nation's heroes that served during "peacetimes". With our local log, you can view not only the ones that are submitted to the Library of Congress, but of those who may not be eligible due to not meeting strict criteria. 


Help Create A New & Innovative Space at Pioneer Resources' Wesley Location for their ABA Program!

Pioneer Resources' ABA program provides Early Intensive Behavior Intervention (EIBI) and other Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to youth who have a diagnosis of autism. Evidence-based and individualized interventions and teaching techniques are provided in-home, in our learning center, or in the community, depending on the needs of the individual receiving therapy. We serve children and young adults ages 18 months to 21 years of age.

Pioneer Resources Outdoor Sensory Atrium Area - “Let’s dream together”


To provide a safe, secluded place for employees and individuals with disabilities to find a space of quiet, Zen and peace. Meant to revitalize the soul, give opportunities to regenerate and promote wellness. The area will offer visually beneficial opportunities, calming sounds through music and water, durability through being a safe space.

Who for:

  • to be utilized by employees for work and or breaks
  • Persons diagnosed with autism who need low stimulation or sensory stimulation in appropriate means and for therapy.
  • individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities who want to engage with employees and others
  • Provide community neighborhood the opportunity to engage with individuals who may be different from themselves while offering a safe space to rest, engage and provide wellness.


  • a welcoming space to engage neighbors, community, employers and those we serve included in:
  • yoga in the yard
  • community conversations about inclusiveness
  • training opportunities
  • community functions

Feature Ideas:

  • One water feature 
  • Outdoor seating
  • Swing areas - Swings made of softer materials like wood and fabric for both children & adults.
  • Shade and sun areas
  • Neutral colors in materials
  • Wood Fence surrounding the area
  • Hammocks
  • Mandalas 
  • Items to stack, line up, or sort
  • Tick Tack Toe
  • Turf
  • Shaded Seating Areas
Map of potential Sensory Garden

Volunteers will be helping with multiple smaller projects throughout the day. Projects include: 

  • Packing backpacks for children in need
  • Helping us prepare, paint, and decorate carnival games
  • Helping us prepare for our upcoming campaign season 
  • Creating literacy kits for our Reading Buddies program

Join Us Friday, September 22nd! 

Since June, 2017, the Newaygo County Board of Public Works has overseen the recycling sites across the county. This service is provided to county residents to promote and protect the environment by reusing items. No trash, household items, or anything hazardous may be dropped off at these locations. 

You can help support recycling services in our community!

We are looking for volunteers to help with painting four of the recycling locations throughout our county. The locations include Brooks Township, White Cloud, Grant, and Garfield Township. Donuts and coffee will be provided at each site for our volunteers! 

Recycling Rules
Styrofoam Recycling Bins

Join Us on Saturday, September 9th for a Mobile Food Pantry!

Saturday, September 9th @ 2:00 PM
Location: Shelby State Bank | 242 North Michigan Avenue, Shelby, MI 49459

Thank You To Our Presenting Sponsor: 

Cannon Muskegon

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Sponsor Opportunities! 

We are currently seeking sponsors for Day of Caring. Click here to review our sponsorship opportunities for this event. 

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