Oceana County

Oceana County, located along the shoreline of Lake Michigan, is home to 26,570 people (2010 US Census).  Oceana has the second largest fruit tree acreage in the state, and is known as the asparagus capital of the world. It is also home to Silver Lake and the sand dunes, one of the few places in the nation offering first class dune schooner rides to view the sandy coastline along the Big Lake.

With 41% of our families earning less than the basic cost of living though, poverty is a key issue in Oceana County, one we must address as a community in order to inspire change and build a thriving community.  Data tells the story of needs in our community; use the links below to learn more.

Oceana County Data Links:

Oceana County website.

Connect with United Way of the Lakeshore's Oceana office on Facebook.