Read Muskegon & The EXIT Program

Exit Program PhotographExit Program - This is a class taught by a Read Muskegon employee that works with men & women from the Muskegon County Jail that are currently incarcerated. The class is goal-oriented and teaches family literacy as well.

The following essays were written by learners in Read Muskegon programs. All grammar and spelling were left as it was written: 

Essay 1:

How has struggling in school affected my life? When i was younger i started hanging out with other kids in my life, drinking and smoking weed, and committing small crimes, which cause me to lose interest in school, so i started to play "hooky", missing classes by feeling my friends were more important then my education. My grades begin to drop i start feeling school was not for me, it got to the point where going to school when i did go. i would not pay attention in class, disturb other kids from trying to learn, or i would do much work as possible then go to sleep in class. My struggling took strong affect on my behavior where it lead to getting into trouble with the law, in and out of the youth Home. i start locking and leaving where i was placed into special Ed. for slow learners, it kind of hurted me not to be in classrooms with 20 or more students, so i felt very different, and started getting kicked out of school constantly where i no longer want school. So as time went on and i become older i said to myself i want a education i want to be smart like others so i begin to further my education. it started when i went to prison when i become determine to work hard on completing school. it was when i turn 46 years old i proudly obtained my G.E.D. and it made me feel so good and proud of myself. where i learned a brain is a bad thing to waste and that knowledge is power and also sucess in becoming someone important living a better and brighter future. I would encourage all to learn and get an education, because it pays off and its never too late!

Essay 2:

What i have learned from read muskegon is that it is a great class and we learn and have fun while we are learning together. i learn about Health, different state's and city's, and tax's, and not to be in debt with credit card's. Struggling in school affected my life by dropping outta school in the 10th grade. mom using drug's not have a father figer in my life and getting involved with drug's myself and hanging around with the wrong people. Growing up i seen a lot and hear a lot my father was really mean to my mother and use to beat her so me seeing that really affected me. i started getting in trouble with the law and doing drug's at 13 in and out of jail but now i just want to educate myself more and maybe i can tell my story to other kid's not to go down the same path i did.

Essay 3:

My future and things I have done and learned in my class Read Muskegon I have learned to budget and also how to put recipe together while parparing food and also I have learned how to write check and bank account and lease agreements to help me get housing. This is my goal for the new year in 2018 keep on going to Read Muskegon once I get on my feet I will keep on meeting my positive goals to keep my life on the right tracks.

Essay 4:

Read Muskegon is a nice program I like to read and its good for the mind so I want to thank you for having me in your class.

I really like family night they have it every month and we all get to see are family and are kids. My girls realy like it one of my kids is 12 but she did like to color and read the books that they had but my 16 year old was like she was to old to be theye.

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