National Estate Planning Awareness Week

(October 17-23)

It may be a surprise to you that estate planning is a critically overlooked component of financial wellness. It is estimated that more than half of Americans, a staggering 56%, do not have an estate plan in place! Estate planning encompasses the growth, conservation, and transfer of an individual’s wealth through the creation and maintenance of an “estate plan.” The purpose of estate planning is to develop a strategy that will maintain the financial security of individuals through their lifetime and ensure the intended transfer of their property and assets at death while taking into consideration the unique circumstances of the family and the potential costs of different methods. A properly-created team of professionals may include, but is not limited to, the attorney, accountant, trust officer, and credentialed insurance financial planners, all working together for the benefit of their client.

United Way of the Lakeshore wants to tell you about a resource we are providing to every member of our community that will help you make the most important plans for your loved ones, and check an important item off your to-do list. Everyone needs a will, no matter how old you are, but so many people don’t have one. We’re all looking for a way to regain a little control right now, so we wanted to give you a way to create this important document absolutely free today.

Here’s a free resource that allows you to write your will online. Get started on yours today!

Many United Way of the Lakeshore supporters have already written their wills using FreeWill to make sure they and their loved ones are prepared for the future. A will is not only an important way to take care of your family’s future, but it’s also an incredible way to consider a lasting legacy with the causes and organizations that are important to you. Using FreeWill, you can create a legacy with United Way of the Lakeshore that will support our community for generations to come and be part of our Legacy Leaders Society.

While we know online estate planning will not be for everyone, we hope this resource helps you plan for your future during this special time of year. You also always have the opportunity to have the documents you draft reviewed by your personal or professional advisors to make sure it’s the right fit for you. If you have any questions about our Legacy Leaders Society, do not hesitate to reach out to J.J. Lewis, Chief Development Officer, at We are here for you.