Lights On Afterschool & Child Care

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Programs Funded by United Way of the Lakeshore

Lights on After School (Cardinal Elementary, Muskegon)

  • The Lights On! After School Program, offered during the school year and Cardinal Camp Program,  offered during the summer months are designed to meet the academic, physical, and social-emotional needs of students in grades 1-6.  Programs are built upon the input of parents, students, and educators.

OV Adult Ed/ Alternative Education Child Care (Muskegon)

  • Licensed on-site Child Care for Adult and Alternative Education parents is currently a barrier to obtaining their education and training needs. While Orchard View Community Education currently offers a dynamic program for pupils and participants ages 16-99 years, an on-site, licensed Child Care would be more than beneficial to those who need it.  A recent survey was conducted with pupils and participants as to what barriers may exist and the need for Child Care is very evident.