8 Steps to a Successful Workplace Campaign

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We invite you to incorporate as many of these best practices as possible in your workplace campaign. Following these “Eight Steps” will help you have a greater chance of achieving your campaign goals!

1.  CEO Support and Involvement

  • Pledge a company gift (if applicable).
  • Commit to holding employee meetings.
  • Make a personal contribution.
  • Visibly and actively support the campaign.


2.  Recruit a Capable, Committed Campaign Team

  • Include one person from each department on your committee.
  • Involve labor representatives, if applicable.
  • Participate in United Way Employee Campaign Coordinator training sessions.


3.  Set an Aggressive Campaign Goal/Track Results

  • Analyze past performance.
  • Set an ambitious goal that stretches your team. Goals can include total dollars raised, percent participation and/or Leadership goals.
  • Advertise goal.
  • Track and report progress regularly.


4.  Work  with United Way to Develop a Campaign Plan

  • Meet with your Loaned Executive to help you plan.
  • Use United Way campaign tools and materials posted on our  website.
  • Secure raffle items or incentives for the campaign.
  • Plan special events to create enthusiasm and raise funds.


5.  Conduct a Leadership Giving Program (Gifts of $1,000 or More)

  • Conduct a Leadership Giving breakfast or meeting.
  • Set specific Leadership Giving goals.
  • Ask senior management to be Leadership Givers.
  • Discuss Leadership Giving at all employee meetings.
  • Provide special recognition for Leadership Giving.


6.  Hold Meetings for  All  Employees

  • Schedule 20 to 30-minute meetings to reach all employees.
  • Provide food, door  prizes, and incentives for giving.
  • Include the campaign video or a speaker from a United Way partner.
  • Ask an employee to share a story about their experience with United Way.
  • Educate everyone about the positive changes their gift makes in the community.
  • Follow up with all employees.


7.  Promote Your Campaign

  • Build United Way awareness.
  • Ask everyone to give.
  • Have fun!


8.  Thank, Recognize, and Report

  • Post internal thank you messages: signs, articles, and banners.
  • Publish an internal roster of Leadership Givers and Loyal Contributors.
  • Report results to United Way and employees.
  • Conduct campaign debrief with United Way and your Loaned Employee.