2019 Youth Volunteer of the Year - Jocelyn Hines

A Beacon of Light In Her Community

From the moment Jocelyn Hines left her home in Muskegon County to pursue her dreams at Michigan State University, she became an advocate for change and a determined leader in her community to do so. It is hard for an individual at such a young age become a mentor to those around them (younger and older), but Jocelyn became a mentor easily with her strong will and compassion towards others. Throughout her time at the University, she was a role model and resource for first-year students to tap into for success. She participated in numerous community volunteer events between her studies and served as a Representative at Michigan State for the Residential & Housing Association. Between her studies, her time spent as a mentor and her position with the Residential & Housing Association, she still found time to serve as the Communications Director for the Black Student Alliance where she was an advocate for Black students on campus. 
After graduation, Jocelyn moved back home to her neighborhood in Muskegon Heights. As a young person just starting her career, Jocelyn hit the ground running. She started immediately organizing in her community to make neighborhoods stronger, have better representation, and to have a bold voice against the social injustices that are present in Muskegon County. She spearheaded the Reclamation March in Muskegon to support the #BlackLivesMatter Movement and bring awareness to the social injustices happening in Ferguson during the Ferguson riots to the resident’s quality of life in Muskegon Heights. 
Jocelyn also started the Muskegon Young Black Professionals. What started off as a group of college-educated people who wanted to create a way to support others professionally has turned into a safe space for young professionals of color to network and develop their skills in a professional workforce. 
Jocelyn's inspiration for others to serve is her determination to make a difference in her community on a local and governmental level. She has spent numerous hours working on campaigns and building relationships between county government members and the community. To her, positive change comes from open dialogue and communication through civic engagement between those that are in office and the people who live in their communities. 
Jocelyn at 24 years old has become a beacon of light in her community. Not only is she a role model to her peers at Muskegon Heights High School by her work and success at Michigan State University, but to all community members in the county. She was awarded the Young Feminist Award and the Muskegon Future 15 Award for outstanding young professionals in the Muskegon Lakeshore region. In the last 3 years, Jocelyn has volunteered hundreds of hours to build stronger communities, led the discussion for a change. The most impressive and outstanding fact about Jocelyn is that this is just her beginning. We cannot imagine the impact she will have in her lifetime.