United Way Standing Committees

United Way of the Lakeshore Committees use the strengths and gifts of volunteers to support our staff in the work that we do.  If you are interested in joining a committe, please give us a call!
Board Development Committee:  Gary Nelund, Chair
Campaign Cabinet:  DJ Hilson, Chair
Communications Committee:  Lucas McCotter, Chair
Community Engagement Advisory Council:  Pat Shafer, Chair
Executive Committee:  John Severson, Chair
Finance Committee:  Sherri Campbell, Chair
Human Services Center Committee:  Bob Scolnik & Steve Jackson, Co-Chairs
Labor Participating Committee (LPC):  Walter Christophersen, Chair
Community Impact Strategy Council (CIST):  Erin Kuhn, Chair
Newaygo Community Committee:  Lori Little, Chair
Oceana Community Committee:  Kay Williams, Chair
Personnel Committee:  Lisa Sabourin, Chair
United After Work/RSVP:  Bob Carter, Chair
RSVP Advisory Committee:  Laura Carpenter, Chair

For complete committee names, please contact us.