Lights on After School

Mission Statement: Lights On Afterschool Muskegon County will provide high-quality, community-enriched, fun, safe havens, where all youth are supported in reaching their potential.
Primary Goal: To give area youth access to fun, drug-free, afterschool safe havens in their communities.

Do you know what your kids do afterschool? If not, you’re not alone. Many parents are unable to keep track of their children and work at the same time. According to the National Center for Juvenile Justice, the highest crime rates involving teens are between the hours of 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Lights On Afterschool Muskegon County with the support of grants, the community and United Way, is currently at six sites. Funders include: Alcoa Foundation, Gerber Foundation, individual contributors, and United Way donor designations. Lights On supports programs that focus on specific outcomes within academic and recreational activities. It includes tutoring, mentoring, physical recreation such as gym time and organized sports, computers and technology, expulsion diversion programs, social activities and clubs, crafts, youth leadership and volunteerism.

Supporting quality afterschool programs are crucial to Muskegon County because they help develop the future workforce and support the needs of working families. If you are interested in supporting Lights On, please contact us.

Afterschool Alliance: click here to visit the national Afterschool Alliance web site.