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United Way Worldwide and United Way of the Lakeshore set 10-year goals in 2008. In Education, the goal is to cut the number of students who drop out by half. This requires readiness for kindergarten and closer attention to students as they move through the school system.

United Way of the Lakeshore collaborates with many in the community and advocates for early childhood education through our Born Learning campaign and our work with the Great Start Collaborative; for safe educational opportunities after school through Lights On Afterschool and support of 21st Century grants; and  for an increase in the high school graduation rate and college readiness through our work in the Muskegon Opportunity efforts.

Out-of-School Time (OST) programs provide quality services to school-aged youth through formal and structured opportunities. OST program goals and content can vary considerably, but most programs seek to engage youth and provide learning, enrichment, and leadership opportunities to support youth academic success and overall development. United Ways are positioned to be able to play a key role in the development, implementation, and sustainability of OST programs. Click here for a Untied Way toolkit with a variety of resources and tools to develop and strengthen OST efforts in our communities.

Kids Count is an annual report on the well-being of children in Michigan using indicators of poverty, health, and education. It also compares the data to previous years to measure trends. For more information and to view the latest Kids Count report, click here.

Your United Way supports several local education initiatives that help our children achieve acedemic success. For more information, click here to read Christine Robere's Education Report to the Board.