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Our Mission: Uniting to inspire change and build thriving communities.

Our Bold Goal: 10,000 more working families meet their basic needs by 2025.


We are proud to report that we have successfully completed all of the United Way's national membership requirements! The membership requirements must be certified annually in order for us to remain a member of United Way, showing that we maintain high standards of accountability.

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United Way of the Lakeshore has earned a four star charity rating from Charity Navigator! Charity Navigator awards only the most fiscally responsible organizations a 4-star rating. Learn more about Charity Navigator here.


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United Way of the Lakeshore History

1918 - Community leaders formed the "War Chest" to organize and raise funds to support soldiers and their families during WWI.

1918-1939 - War Chest led efforts to support our country, soldiers and their families.

1940-1949 - Greater Muskegon War, Community Progress and Charity Fund led provision for child care, to help support mothers who were called to work while their husbands served our country overseas during WWII.alt

1950-1959 - Red Feather, Community Chest assisted working families, supported programs to eradicate polio and tuberculosis

1959 - An AFL-CIO staff position was added to strengthen our partnership with labor.

1960-1969 - United Appeal assisted with community transition, addressed the impact of juvenile delinquency and high unemployment.

1974 - Tough issues including domestic violence and child abuse became top priority.

1980-1989 - United Fund developed programs to meet the needs of single-parent and blended families, with focus on health education and prevention.

1990 - United Way of Muskegon County funded developing programs that oversee, mentor and care for children.

2003 - Work got underway to strengthen our impact on the community — including early childhood and youth services, a community help line, and developing and maintaining safety net services.

2006 - Muskegon and Oceana County United Ways joined to become United Way of the Lakeshore.

2007 - Newaygo County joins United Way of the Lakeshore.

2008 – United Way celebrates 90 years in Muskegon County.

2011 - The Bogner Center for Human Services opens its doors at 31 East Clay Avenue, housing the United Way of the Lakeshore and other agencies.

2015 - United Way of the Lakeshore adopts the Bold Goal to Help 10,000 more working families meet their basic needs by 2025.