Verified Volunteer Shopper Program

Program begins 4/20/2020. We are only recruiting volunteers at this time. Thank you!

Verified Volunteer Shopper Program - Delivering Groceries To Those In Need!

How The Program Works: 

A person who cannot leave their home and is in need of groceries calls 211 Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
211 refers the person to the Verified Volunteer Shopper Program into the following process:

Those who can pay with a credit/debit card:

  1. After calling 211, United Way Staff follows up within 24 hours to help order the person in need's groceries online. (The person in need does not need internet for this process). 
  2. United Way sets up the online order, confirms it with the person in need, sets up a delivery date, and takes payment over the phone for the groceries and delivery. 
  3. A third-party then delivers the groceries to the person in need and leaves them on their doorstep.

Those who can pay with cash or check:

  1. After calling 211, volunteers are contacted to see who is available to shop for this person. 
  2. Once a volunteer is assigned, the volunteer calls the person in need and coordinates with them their grocery list and how/when they would like their groceries delivered. Volunteer shops at the local grocery store. 
  3. During check out, they call the person they are shopping for to let them know the total cost of their order. The volunteer then pays out of pocket to be repaid at delivery. The person in need leaves the cash or check in a predetermined location for the volunteer to pick up during the delivery. 

Those who cannot afford to pay for groceries: 

  1. After calling 211, United Way coordinates with local food pantries for volunteer pickup. 
  2. Volunteers will pick up at the local pantry, and deliver the food to the person in need's doorstep.

Be A Lifeline For Those In Need. Become A Verified Volunteer Shopper!

We Need You!

United Way of the Lakeshore & Senior Resources are looking for volunteers who are willing to shop and deliver groceries to people who are housebound due to COVID-19. During a crisis, some take advantage of others who need help. There have been reports of people offering to shop for vulnerable populations if paid in advance and then never return. That is why we need you! We need verified volunteers between the ages of 18-60, who have gone through a background check that are willing to bring much-needed food to those in need.

How Do Verified Shoppers Volunteer?

  1. Shoppers are on-boarded by filling out a background check form and then can pick up an official "Verified Shopper Badge" to wear while they are volunteering. (This helps ease the minds of those who are in need.) 
  2. All shoppers who complete the background check are then put onto a waiting list to be contacted (by location) each time a person in need is identified. 
  3. Once a shopper is available for their person in need, the shopper contacts their person to identify their grocery list needs (or pantry pickup) and when they will shop/deliver the groceries. 
  4. The shopper then goes to their local store, gathers the groceries and checks out. The volunteer would then pay out of pocket for the groceries and contact their person to notify them of the total to leave reimbursement payment for the shopper when they arrive. 
  5. The shopper would then deliver the groceries to the home for drop off and collect their reimbursement money. If there is a mistake with the payment,please call Senior Resources  at 231-733-3509.

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