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Christine Robere
President and CEO
(231) 332-4001
email Christine


James Rynberg
Newaygo County Director
(231) 924-2101
email James


Barbara Saunders Sims
Oceana County Director
(231) 332-4005
email Barbara


Lori O'Brien

Donor Relations
(231) 332-4009
email Lori


KP Pelleran

Director of Planning, Advocacy, and Grants
(231) 332-4017
email KP


La Tonya Beene
Director - Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

(231) 332-4018
email LaTonya


Sheryl Callow
Finance and Administration Director
(231) 332-4011
email Sheryl


Stephanie Ladegast
Executive Assistant and Operations Manager
(231) 332-4000
email Stephanie


Jana Routt
Labor Director
(231) 332-4004
email Jana


Kathy Fonger
Finance and Database Manager
(231) 332-4010
email Kathy


Wyneice Hairston
Coordinator, Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)
and Community Impact Assistant

(231) 332-4007
email Wyneice


Beth Sheldon
Resource Development Assistant
(231) 332-4016
email Beth


Nikki Jepsen
Administrative Assistant, Technology
(231) 332-4014
email Nikki