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Ride United Routes

Riders will begin in front of the Culinary Institute of Michigan, at the corner of Clay and 3rd Street in downtown Muskegon, heading to the first stop at Pioneer Park in North Muskegon.

100 Mile 
Click here for a map.  Starts at 8:00 am

This is a 100 mile route taking the rider through a challenging, yet wonderfully scenic figure-8 north through Whitehall, over the rolling hills of Hart, and back to Muskegon. Each rider should know that there are a few very challenging hills north of Whitehall and should not be taken lightly. For the riders who have been training for this century ride, the hills will be challenging but by no means insurmountable. You can do it!

You can expect 5 rest stops at 3 locations:
· Pioneer Park: 12.5/85.5 miles
· White Lake Chamber Depot at Veteran's Park: 25/75 miles
· Golden Township Park: 50 miles

50 Mile
Click here for a map.  Starts at 9:00 am

This scenic route will take the 50 mile riders north into Whitehall with a turnaround heading south through North Muskegon and west back to pioneer park. Riders can expect a few rolling hills along this route. However, it is wonderfully scenic and most of the hills are easily handled by riders of most skill levels.

You can expect 3 rest stops at 2 locations:
· Pioneer Park: 12.5/37.5 miles
· White Lake Chamber Depot at Veteran's Park: 25

25 Mile
Click here for a map.  Starts at 9:00 am
This route is a 25 miles “out and back” that features a wonderful tour of Ruddiman and Scenic Dr in North Muskegon stopping for a break in Pioneer Park. Make sure to take advantage of the scenic views overlooking Lake Michigan as you head into North Muskegon State Park!

6 Mile
Click here for a map.  Starts at 9:00 am
This route is a 6 miles “out and back” on the beautiful Lakeshore Recreational Trail. Perfect for families or those wanting a shorter ride.

Block House Hill ByPass
Along the 25, 50, and 100 miles routes, riders will have the choice of following the prescribed route or taking a detour around Block House Hill, a challenging hill roughly 1 mile north from Memorial and Scenic Dr. Should you choose to forego the challenge of Block House Hill (make no mistake about it, it is tough!) the link below will show you how to navigate around it. Please note that it reduces each route by roughly 1 mile.  Click here for a map of the bypass.

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