How We Help

Our work is to identify, launch and participate in community problem-solving initiatives. We help more than one person, one charity or one issue by magnifying the investment of many in the community to create positive, measurable change.

Advancing the common good begins by recruiting dedicated volunteers from our community who are passionate and knowledgeable of community needs.  After extensive training, research and strategizing proposals for funding, these dedicated volunteers begin the process.  For this United Way, that process is conducted every other year, generally over the course of several months and ending in June.  Trained volunteers are asked to donate approximately 15-20 hours to read applications and proposals for funding of programs and compare requests to strategies that align and bridge service of needs in our counties.

Volunteers are looking to make sure that proposals make a significant impact on the identified need and that the organization has the capacity and infrastructure to be successful.  Volunteers are reviewing the organizations to make sure each is financially sound, effective and efficient.  Funding is based on results and which program can make the most difference in improving the quality of life, for those in need, in our communities.

Being the “community safety net” will always be a major role of United Way.  We will continue to provide for those in need, whether it is food, shelter, transportation or physical or mental health related issues.  No one knows when an unexpected situation might cause individuals or families to need help.  It is also important that we look at ways that we can focus on prevention, by engaging our community in critical issues like education, health and income.