FamilyWize - Prescription Savings Card

Supporting A Healthier Community 

United Way, in partnership with FamilyWize, offers a prescription discount program as a  great supplement to your company’s  wellness program.

Since 2005, FamilyWize has helped over 11 million Americans live healthier lives by saving them more than $1 billion on prescription medications. FamilyWize partners with some of the most respected community groups and health care providers in the country, including United Way Worldwide, National Council for Behavioral Health, Mental Health America, and American Heart Association, among thousands of other community organizations. To use FamilyWize, download our card or mobile app at:

The Card

  •  Is free to everyone – it’s like a coupon that you can use as often as you want!
  • Guarantees the best price – FamilyWize discount, insurance or pharmacy price – just show the card
  • Covers all FDA approved prescription medications
  • Saves an average of 45% on prescriptions
  • Is easy to use with no registration or eligibility criteria • Accepted at major chain pharmacies and most independents nationwide. 

1. If I have insurance, why would I need this?

By showing your FamilyWize card in addition to your insurance card, you can ensure that you are getting the best possible price on your prescription.

2. How will this help me?

FamilyWize can help you save money if your prescription medication costs are high.

3. How often can I use the FamilyWize card?

  • Card use is unlimited; you can use it every time you fill a prescription.
  • If you lose your card, you can easily get another by going to or downloading the FamilyWize app.
  • You can share your card with family and friends to pass on the savings.

4. What is the Drug Price Look-Up Tool?

Drug prices vary by pharmacy. The FamilyWize Drug Price LookUp Tool is provided free of charge on and via the free FamilyWize app. By entering the name of your medication and your zip code, you can see which local pharmacies have the best FamilyWize price prior to filling your prescription.

5. Aren’t there other prescription discount savings cards? How is FamilyWize different?

  • Passes 100% of the negotiated savings onto the individual.
  • Is free – it’s like a coupon that you can use as often as you want!
  • Provides an easy-to-use Drug Price Look-Up Tool so you know the price prior to filling your prescription.
  • Offers a free app for download so you can have the card with you at all times.
  • Does not require registration or have eligibility criteria. However, by registering, you can receive additional information and value.