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COVID-19 Grant Awards

Thanks To The Generosity Of Our Donors & Partners, The COVID-19 Response Fund Will Help Agencies & Families Like:

Provide New Digital Points of Contact, Support, & Cleaning Supplies For Every Woman's Place!

Grant Awarded $5,000

In response to the needs of victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human sex trafficking, Every Woman's Place has a new web-based chat and text feature to communicate instead of face-to-face contact. There is also extra support for staff who are essential workers in keeping the shelter operational and disinfectant cleaning supplies to keep everyone safe. 

Provide Pantry Relief & Aid for Mission For Area People!

Grant Awarded $45,000

In some cases, pantries and other basic needs organizations have seen their need requests doubled due to the large number of people who have lost temporary employment due to the COVID-19. Mission for Area People provides relief with medical assistance, food assistance, utility & housing assistance. 

Give Support For Muskegon Rescue Mission!

Grant Awarded $10,000

Muskegon Rescue Mission shelters provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner to their guests and the general public. In addition, they also serve community with their weekly pantry meal packages and daily emergency food bags. Aside from meals, they also provide basic toiletries with every pantry meal package, which gives struggling families a week's worth of food and toiletries for their specific family size. They provide a safe shelter, health screenings, job training, and many other critical resources to equip their guests for success. 

Provide Infant & Toddler Supplies For Families Through The Head Start of Muskegon/Oceana!

Grant Awarded $3,750

Emergency financial requests for basic supplies are coming from local families. Head Start is in contact with each family weekly in the program with their teachers, home visitors, and family advocates. They have received numerous requests for emergency assistance from parents for items like baby formula, diapers, & pull-ups.

Help Provide 3,000 Meals To Seniors In Our Community!

Grant Awarded $4,500

The YMCA Veggie Van is a mobile farmers market traveling around West Michigan providing fresh fruits and vegetables, and pantry staples to the senior population, particularly those who are over 60 and most at risk for severe complications with the COVID-19 virus. Specifically, the van is distributing meals to seniors at AgeWell sites:  Muskegon Farmers Market (March 24); White Lake Community (March 27); Orchard View Community Education (March 31 and April 16)); Holton United Methodist Church (April 2); Muskegon Heights Farmer's Market (April 7); Ravenna First Reformed Church (April 8); North Muskegon Community United Methodist Church (April 10); Fruitport Congregational Church (April 14)

Provide Flexible Housing Support through Community enCompass!

Grant Awarded $10,000

Community enCompass will provide flexible housing support for households who may not meet income guidelines for other types of support but who have experienced a drop in income due to COVID-19. In addition to alleviating the immediate housing crisis, Community enCompass will provide short-term case management support to develop payment plans, spending plans, and connect them with other community resources to help them get back to economic security - stable income and resources to support themselves in the foreseeable future. 

Provide Food Security Through Salvation Army!

Grant Awarded $3,000

Grants have been awarded to The Salvation Army of Muskegon to go towards food security and pantry needs. This will help families that are experiencing layoffs, having extra children at home,  and those who are homeless. They provide food boxes, and with these funds, they will be able to purchase much-needed meat for our families. 

Provide Food Support For More Than 1,200 People Through Catholic Charities! 

Grant $5,000

During a normal week, the Muskegon Catholic Charities Food Pantry would serve about 150 individuals/families but since the Stay Home. Stay Safe. Order, they have been serving 300 individuals/families a week. This grant will support them by providing the additional materials & food they need for their to-go boxes. 

Provide Support For Seniors In Our Community with AgeWell Services!

Grant Awarded $5,000

AgeWell provides shelf-stable and/or frozen meals to keep on hand during the COVID-19 crisis to minimize outside risk of infection to those who are 60 years and over. Because of the risk of exposure, many seniors over the age of 60 have isolated themselves or are homebound with no way of getting groceries without possibly contracting the virus. AgeWell Services' Team is stepping up to provide food support for these individuals. 

Provide Food Security Support Through Fruitport Christian Reformed Church!

Grant Awarded $1,000

Fruitport Christian Reformed Church has extended its normal food pantry hours to Monday & Friday from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. and Wednesdays from 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. This grant will purchase not only food but personal care items to be given to the local community they serve. 

Help Create & Distribute Masks & Support Love INC Food Pantries!

Grant Awarded $5,000

Love INC works with many churches to have weekly/daily/as needed food pantry hours for our neighbors in need. Their pantry partners and ministries do an amazing job of providing for the needs of our neighbors. Each person receives approximately one week’s worth of pantry food and a few of our pantries also give away freezer items (meat, butter, bread).

Provide Personal Protection Equipment to HealthWest!

Grant Awarded $8,500

The majority of the work provided by HealthWest is done in the community. They needed more personal protection equipment to protect both our staff and the people they serve. HealthWest staff also work alongside law enforcement in responding to mental health crises in the community. They have mobile response teams available 24 hours to respond to mental health crises.

Provide Support To Overcoming Barriers, INC!

Grant Awarded $500

Overcoming Barriers INC plans to support the individuals they serve by increasing daily activies within their homes to at 4 times a week, increasing the number of hot meals they serve, and assist with decreasing depression and anxiety by developing coping skill tactics. They have increased hours and have helped fill gaps with HealthWest with their services. 

Provide Necessities To Those In Need Through The Muskegon Heights Housing Commission! 

Grant Awarded $2,000

The Muskegon Heights Housing Commission assists elderly and low income families. This grant will provide vulnerable populations in their care with basic needs such as food, toiletries, laundry detergent, and sanitizing products to keep their residents safe. 

Provide care packages to MPFH participants (those who have chronic disease or seniors) through Community enCompass!

Grant Awarded $2,500

Community enCompass will assemble weekly care packages that include grocereies, produce, books, activity cards, magazines, exercise equipment and educational materials to porches of their neighbors to alleviate social isolation and boredom. Laundry vouchers are also provided to neighbors who are not able to utilize Sacred Suds due to COVID-19. The YEP (Youth Empowerment Program) students will also be provided books. 

Provide hygiene kits for students in Muskegon & Muskegon Heights!

Grant Awarded $2,000

Support Volunteers Connect To People In Need of Grocercy Shopping Through Senior Resources! 

Grant Awarded $5,000

Senior Resources of West Michigan is partnering with United Way for the Verified Volunteer Shopper Program, which will provide volunteer shoppers to grocery shop for seniors and others who qualify, who can afford to pay for their groceries. This grant award will allow us to reimburse shoppers, if needed, for underpayment or no payment for the groceries that are delivered. 

Provide Personal Protection Equipment to Hospice of Michigan!

Grant Awarded $1,000

Hospice's top priority in this crisis must be to protect their clinical staff's safety. In order to do that they must be able to meet the increased demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to safeguard them and their patients against potential contagion. To follow CDC and Michigan Department of Health and Human Service's guidelines in terms of required PPE during this pandemic. As a result this grant is to provide the following items: gloves, surgical masks, K95 masks, N95 masks, bonnets, shoe coverings, gowns, and face shields. 

Supporting Latino Families and Small Businesses through Latinos Working for the Future!

Grant Awarded $4,000

Latinos Working for the Future will be using this grant to translate COVID-19 informational materials into Spanish for families. This grant will also assist in basic needs for Latino families like rent, food, and utilities. They are also partnering with food banks and local Latino Owned Businesses to purchase food for the families in need. 

Continuing to Serve Seniors With Men & Ladies of Honor! 

Grant Awarded $1,000

Men & Ladies of Honor are looking to help reach the at risk senior population in Muskegon County by delivering food to seniors door steps. In the summer, Men & Ladies of Honor typically help with lawn care services and in the winter help with snow removal. Typically they serve low income families or disabled seniors in the Muskegon area. 

Providing healthy meals for shut-ins and the elderly through Fruitful Ministries!

Grant Awarded $500

Fruitful ministries will serve healthy serve safe foods and meals to those in need, primarly shut-ins and the elderly population. They work with churches and licensed kitchens and our and staff. 

Provide a safe space with resources at New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church!

Grant Awarded $2,000

New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church provides hygiene bags, food distribution, food delivery, well0being calls & checks, weekly updates from the State of Michigan office of Faith-Base Affairs with resources & support to people of faith, and free WiFi accessibility for those in need. 

Provide a quarantine site for individuals with diabilities who test positive or are presumed positive with COVID-19 at Pioneer Resources! 

Grant Awarded $5,000

Pioneer Resources will designate a quarantine site for inidviduals with disabilities who test positive for COVID-19. This grant provides food for the residents, PPE & medical equipment like a pulse ox monitor & CDC qualified cleaning on site. 

Provide case workers for families experiencing homelessness, to help find permanent housing with Family Promise!

Grant Awarded $3,000

Families experiencing homelessess who are temporarily staying in motels, will have a caseworker that will support and assit them in finding a permanent living situation. 

Provide daily activities, meals, and proper PPE with those who have mental & physcial disabilities at Overcoming Barriers, INC! 

Grant Awarded $500

Overcoming Barrieres Inc, will provide daily acitivities within the homes they serve, hot meals, and assist with with depression & anxietieis by developing coping skill tactics outside of the mental health facility that has limited capcity due to COVID-19. This grant will also provide proper PPE for staff to better equip them for their jobs. 

Preform virtual culinary classes for families with Kitchen 242!

Grant Awarded $1,500

Kitchen 242 will be providing virtual culinary classes that focus on healthy produce from local farms. They have 5 chefs that will be instructing these classes! 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lakeshore

Grant Awarded $5,000

Used to purchase items for WE CARE baskets; filled with items for the Littles families and provide gas cards for those partaking in the Bigs parade in July where they will go and distribute the WE CARE baskets. 

CALL 2-1-1 

Grant Awarded $2,000

Used to help meet the increase in staffing costs to the elevated contact handling de to COVID-19. 

Harbor Hospice Foundation

Grant Awarded $2,000

Used to help sustain Harbor Tele-health, and expand hospice and palliative care into all corners of our region, especially difficult-to-reach rural areas. 

Child Care Action Team

Grant Awarded $10,000

Support and help local child care providers to keep them open and help get them the supplies they need. 


Grant Awarded $2,500

Help provide Samaritas’ senior residents with basic necessities such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, laundry soap, dish soap, kleenex, non-perishable food, and toilet paper. 

Safe Kids West Michigan/Mercy Health

Grant Awarded $3,000

To help purchase car seats for families in need.

Goodwill Industries of West Michigan 

Grant Awarded $25,000

Help offset the cost of Goodwill staff to distribute, order, and inventory PPE for other area non-profits for a 3 month period.  

Muskegon Community Health Innovation Region

Grant Awarded $2,000

Dollars will be used to purchase facemask making supplies that will be offered to three Muskegon County community sewing groups (and other community members that would like to participate) in pre-assembled kits that include directions for assembling and a specific facemask pattern. 

Boys & Girls Club

Grant Awarded $3,500

Grant Funds will be used to purchase proper PPE gear to ensure we are following health guidelines to be able to open our Club Sites back up to serve youth in person again. Funds would also be used to purchase tablets so youth will be able to participate in an array of educational programs. These tablet purchases would give BGC a 1 tablet per 2 youth members ratio, ensuring that youth will not have to share equipment, and again allow our organization to serve youth in person while still following necessary health guidelines.

Muskegon Area ISD

Grant Awarded $3,000

Stipends for educators to create fun, educational activities that can be done at home. Teachers will receive a $100 stipend for creating three activities. The total request of $3,000 would allow for 90 activities to be created and shared with the community. The MAISD will make needed adjustments to its website to host these activities as an in-kind match.

New Jerusalem MBC 

Grant Awarded $2,000

To provide hygiene and COVID-19 care kits, Increase the messaging on wearing a mask, Connect and provide support Food distribution & delivery, Census 2020 information Voter Information to the most volunerable in Muskegon Heights.

Mission For Area People  

Grant Awarded $5,000

Grant dollars are used to help maintain temporary shelter stay for the homeless, COVID positive persons and ALICE families who have had reduced wages due to the COVID pandemic. Funds are also used to help with rent, utility, transportation, medical, bedding, food, personal care items and cleaning supplies.