Division Chair Overview

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Simple Steps to Start and Manage Your Division

1. Review Division Report and Company Profiles with Staff Support

    a. This information is provided by UW staff
    b. Divide Companies between Driect Campaign and Drop Off Campaign
    c. SET GOALS

Increase existing campaigns by _______
Ask for dollar-for-dollar company match
  (or) increase corporate gift
Encourage increased participation of at least _______

2. Highlight top _________companies and prepare for CEO call

     a. CEO call is made with either Staff support, Co-Chair or assigned Loaned Executive
     b. CEO calls must be complete before Campaign efforts begin, or kick-off
     c. Once CEO call is made, contact LE. LE will contact Company Coordinator
     d. Take good, complete notes of all meetings with companies

CEO Call Goals
Review previous year’s campaign and discuss trends in local campaigns
Remind CEO of UW’s work in community, discuss initiatives and successes
Ask for campaign support, corporate gift or personal gift
Ask for questions, comments and ideas for UW to succeed
Ascertain what the CEO has a passion for, find connect with UW’s community work

3. The rest of the Division is divided between Loaned Executives and Ambassadors (if applicable)

     a. Loaned executive will make contact with Company Coordinator and set up meetings schedule campaign.
     b. Loaned Execs will schedule campaigns
     c. Ambassadors will make arrangements to drop off campaign materials and try to encourage a campaign is scheduled.

4. Campaign Division Chair will monitor progress

     a. Are campaigns being scheduled by deadline (usually first Friday in November)?
     b. Are campaigns being dropped off before deadline?
     c. Have new campaigns been confirmed and scheduled?
     d. Are progress reports coming in a timely fashion?

5. Campaign Division Chair, with Staff support, will schedule monthly meetings to monitor campaign progress.

     a. Campaign Team Monthly Meetings are required.
     b. Campaign Celebration Event and Finale – attendance is essential to success.